Virginia Farm Bureau

“Rainmaker transformed our clients’ infrastructure quickly and effectively.”

Virginia Farm Bureau is a member organization consisting of over 148,000 dues paying members. The organization supports its members through legislative lobbying, leadership programs, commodity associations, rural health programs, products, insurance, marketing and other services.


VFBI had a standalone system that was used for basic tracking of customer communications and requests, as well as tracking of policy sales and renewals, used in payment of commissions. VFBI required a scalable platform to:

  • Manage interactions with members, from the initial application (i.e. online request) through policy renewal

  • Handle inbound form submissions
  • Streamline administration processes to improve customer experience and improve increase efficiency
  • Manage compensation programs


Leverage core functionality (i.e. standard and custom objects) to serve as the foundation for the systems’ data model along with:

  • Systems integration
  • Data Migration
  • Custom Apex Code
  • VisualForce


Rainmaker successfully deployed Salesforce and:

  • Integrated SFDC with multiple online sources for application requests
  • Handled inbound form submissions automatically including routing them to the appropriate resource for follow-up
  • Built an easy-to-use but sophisticated compensation application enabling VFBI to administer commissions programs easily and dramatically decreasing the level of effort associated with “getting it right”.


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