Maximize Your Salesforce Value With Managed Services From Rainmaker

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Anyone who uses the platform regularly knows that Administrators are the heart and soul of your Salesforce operations. And being a Salesforce Administrator within a company can be a lot of pressure. Your internal admin can be responsible for:

  • Managing the care and feeding of your Salesforce system (and users)
  • Custom Development 
  • Backlog of small-to-large projects
  • Maintaining platform best practices and data hygiene 
  • Staying updated on the platform’s new tools, capabilities, and updates

Being a Salesforce Admin is a mix of internal operations, people management, platform management, project management, and can even include DevOps or application coding and improvement. It’s a hard job no matter how much experience the Admin has. If you lose your admin suddenly, or they get too “in the weeds,” your company may be interested in hiring a Salesforce Consultant with the technology expertise to maximize the value that the platform has to offer. 

When Should You Hire A Salesforce Consultant Or Managed Service?

Hiring a Salesforce Expert or Managed Services partner may be right for your company if your Salesforce Admin: 

  • Has to leave their position suddenly or has been let go 
  • Can’t keep up with coding and DevOps requirements 
  • Generally overwhelmed with the Salesforce platform
  • Taking too long to complete tasks 
  • Having trouble managing the day-to-day care required of projects

As mentioned earlier, Salesforce Admin is a tough job. That’s where Rainmaker Managed Services come in — we’ll make sure your Salesforce is running smoothly, efficiently, effectively, and that you’re receiving all of the benefits that you’ve paid for with your service subscription.

What Advantages Are There To The Managed Services Program With Rainmaker?

Rainmaker Associates — a Salesforce Silver Partner — has certified Salesforce experts on hand fluent in platform best practices, and are committed to delivering solutions and process improvements that drive real, measurable business value. The services that our experts can provide include, but are no limited to: 

  • Salesforce Administration 
  • Backlog Management
  • Proactive Services (Data Hygiene, Security & User Audits, etc.) 
  • Flex Capacity
  • DevOps Management 

These services use a flat rate that covers administrative efforts, basic architecture, development and data work, all without the need to maintain different disciplines on staff. The flexibility to increase or decrease service capacity as needed, given that demand fluctuates throughout the year in most industries, is also a main advantage of working with the experts at Rainmaker

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