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About Us

Idea Experts For Business Solutions With Salesforce.com

Rainmaker, a proven leader in cloud technology enablement, helps companies accelerate growth, overcome critical business challenges and achieve success by leveraging cloud platforms and solutions. Since 2002, Rainmaker has partnered with thousands of commercial enterprises and non-profits to rapidly transform their businesses, utilizing platforms such as Salesforce.com, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, and many more SaaS solution providers.

The Rainmaker Mindset

We believe technology can be used to transform business – improving operations, and driving efficiency and profitability. This kind of transformation doesn’t come in a box; rather it’s a natural product of our relationship with our customers, our discovery process, and our breadth of experience from industry-specific knowledge, to tools and insights.

We understand how critical technology can be to your business so we strategize, communicate and then execute cloud-based solutions that fit right and wow you from the get go. Every solution is based on best practices and proven deployments for optimal outcomes with lowered risk.

Our client-centric approach means our customer’s unique needs, business style and environment are at the forefront of all we do. Discover your clear solution, cloud powered today.

A small sample of clients that Rainmaker has delivered success to on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Best Practices For Governance Strategy

Salesforce Best Practices For Governance Strategy With over 18 years of experience in the platform, our team has helped clients again and again pinpoint the lack of one of the most important Salesforce best practices: a proper governance strategy. The need for a governance strategy usually stems from an issue or issues you’re having -- instituting processes around new technology, adapting to new industry norms, internal shuffling of organizational priorities, for example -- that require a governance structure in place to properly evolve Salesforce to meet your needs . But how do you know when that issue is big enough to overhaul your current practices?  With all of these examples of clients with poor -- or non-existent -- governance, the experts at Rainmaker have seen the fallout of not establishing a functional governance strategy and establishing proper Salesforce best practices and how that can lead to technical debt, system performance issues that sideline sales resources, lack of adoption, and sometimes the need to do a major system reset and refactoring. We’ve identified the tell-tale sign of a poorly structured governance framework, which include but are not limited to:  Salesforce users and their leaders not feeling confident in the decisions made to improve the platform internally  Frequent issues when new functionality roles out; existing functionality breaking or not working as expected Lack of centralized processes for gathering new requirements Lack of a product enhancement roadmap and a place where those enhancements are tracked A well structured governance strategy is based around

Managed Services From Rainmaker

Maximize Your Salesforce Value With Managed Services From Rainmaker Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to learn more about Rainmaker Salesforce Consultancy and Managed Services Anyone who uses the platform regularly knows that Administrators are the heart and soul of your Salesforce operations. And being a Salesforce Administrator within a company can be a lot of pressure. Your internal admin can be responsible for: Managing the care and feeding of your Salesforce system (and users) Custom Development  Backlog of small-to-large projects Maintaining platform best practices and data hygiene  Staying updated on the platform’s new tools, capabilities, and updates Being a Salesforce Admin is a mix of internal operations, people management, platform management, project management, and can even include DevOps or application coding and improvement. It’s a hard job no matter how much experience the Admin has. If you lose your admin suddenly, or they get too “in the weeds,” your company may be interested in hiring a Salesforce Consultant with the technology expertise to maximize the value that the platform has to offer.  When Should You Hire A Salesforce Consultant Or Managed Service? Hiring a Salesforce Expert or Managed Services partner may be right for your company if your Salesforce Admin:  Has to leave their position suddenly or has been let go  Can’t keep up with coding and DevOps requirements  Generally overwhelmed with the Salesforce platform Taking too long to complete tasks  Having trouble managing the day-to-day care required of projects As mentioned earlier, Salesforce Admin

SAM Gov Opportunity Finder

Streamline Your Government Contract Business Pipeline With SAM Gov Opportunity Finder From Rainmaker Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to be notified when our FREE Early Adopter Program launches  The United States Government is not notorious for providing easy-to-use services that result in a seamless experience for users. In the case of SAM Gov -- a platform used to host active opportunities and government contracts for anyone interested in doing business with the federal government -- it can be an almost full-time job to comb through listings and create RFP opportunities in Salesforce for your team. Parameters related to various federal business organizations, response deadlines, classification codes, and other sometimes confusing and mundane organization structures can be enough to make any Business Development Executive pull out their hair as they research and try to provide their organization with new revenue opportunities. Find Relevant Government Contract Leads For Your Sales Team That’s why Rainmaker has developed the SAM Gov Opportunity Finder for Salesforce, enabling federal government contractors to automate and integrate opportunities relevant to their team’s areas of expertise directly into Salesforce with just a few clicks. The SAM Gov Opportunity Finder gives you the power to use over 25 custom search parameters to comb the entire database via Salesforce. View, inspect, and insert opportunities as leads or opportunities based on organizational fit, capabilities, or focus and link them to the appropriate internal agency or department account(s) with just a few clicks. Update opportunities on-demand, in real

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