Fishnet Security

The newly consolidated system, streamlined processes, provided greater visibility and has nearly 100% user adoption.

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, FishNet Security is a national leader in Information Security solutions, integration, and professional and managed services.


The company acquired 2 organizations that needed to be consolidated on their existing (RMA-deployed) SFDC instance from SalesLogix and Netsuite, including:

  • The need to deploy a fully consolidated system in 14 weeks

  • Sales Organization

  • Marketing Organization

  • Customer Service

  • Total of 150 users


Rainmaker blueprinted the entire process and deployed the following capabilities across the 3 disparate organizations to consolidate them into one SFDC instance for:

  • Pipeline and Forecast Management

  • Management of 55k+ products

  • Streamlined Quoting

  • Customer Service & Support Including Self-service Portal Implementation


Successfully consolidated 3 disparate systems and their relative sales, marketing, and customer service processes, streamlined processes, provided management with visibility into the consolidated pipeline and related activities

  • Streamlined Quoting and Discount Approvals

  • Visibility into Deal Profitability

  • Greater Pipeline & Forecast Visibility

  • Streamlined Data Entry for All Functions

  • Near 100% User Adoption


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