5 Salesforce Reporting Best Practices


5 Salesforce Reporting Best Practices When tracking your sales and marketing efforts, access to hard figures and real-time updates have a direct impact on performance. Without being overly dramatic, each bit of information may influence how your team adjusts and evolves every day. Staying up-to-date with Salesforce reporting best practices ensures you’re doing everything you can to keep your team in the know on what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve on performance.   Using these insights, you’ll be able

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5 Reasons Why Salesforce is Better than Excel


5 Reasons Why Salesforce is Better than Excel Asking what the difference is between Salesforce and Excel may seem a bit trite now that everyone is in the cloud. Although Excel wasn’t built with the idea of managing marketing, sales, and customer information, it quickly became the preferred solution for organizing, presenting, and capturing data for millions of companies.  Both Salesforce and Excel help a business achieve specific goals like providing direct insights into your CRM or sales data. You

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Three Steps to Seamless Salesforce Implementation


Three Steps to Salesforce Implementation Salesforce implementation can almost certainly help your company improve efficiency somewhere, if not across the board. Salesforce is now used by thousands of companies around the world to enhance a full gamut of business operations, including:  Marketing automation Sales pipelines Inventory tracking  Partner management Customer portals  And many more  Many companies – perhaps yours – haven’t implemented Salesforce into their operations yet. Understandable.  Migrating certain processes from your current CRM to Salesforce can seem daunting.

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