How To Improve Your Team’s Sales Productivity 


How To Improve Your Team’s Sales Productivity  By Sophia Krich-Brinton If you manage a sales team, your top priorities include advancing deals that are nearing closing, following up with leads in a timely fashion, managing data that drives forecast accuracy, and engaging with past customers to drive new opportunities. Old school tactics like tracking spreadsheets for pipeline status, reviewing emails for correct contact information, and checking handwritten notes for contact status can be tedious, limit your team’s sales productivity, and

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Best Salesforce Apps for Free


Best Salesforce Apps for Free With over 3,000 published apps, it’s a challenge trying to research the best Salesforce apps on the AppExchange. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed especially if you’re still wrapping your head around the exceptional things Salesforce can do. It has a wide range of apps and software integrations that improve, expand, and complement its functionality. For the end-user, it might be pretty easy to get lost in the pool of apps, even with the AppExchange being

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Project Management Implementation With Salesforce 


Project Management Implementation With Salesforce  Sales and marketing teams look to the Salesforce platform for the project management implementation of so many moving pieces in their quest to grow and engage with prospects and customers. The two teams must work side by side when developing website projects and redesigns, sales tools and best practices, training materials, and operational projects like comp plans or territory plans drafts. The problem is that, too often, organizations in need of a project management platform

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SAM Gov Opportunity Finder


Streamline Your Government Contract Business Pipeline With SAM Gov Opportunity Finder From Rainmaker Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to be notified when our FREE Early Adopter Program launches  The United States Government is not notorious for providing easy-to-use services that result in a seamless experience for users. In the case of SAM Gov -- a platform used to host active opportunities and government contracts for anyone interested in doing business with the federal government --

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