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David Morley, Manufacturing Industry Lead

Bringing a wealth of real world experience driving Manufacturing growth with Salesforce

Our Manufacturing Vertical Lead David Morley has over 30 years of manufacturing experience focused on driving sales and identifying organic areas of growth in both Private Equity and publicly traded corporations.

David Morley, Managing Director, Manufacturing Vertical

As an early adopter of Salesforce, David has driven growth with the Salesforce platform in seven different businesses since 2005.

Leading Rainmaker’s efforts in delivering thought leadership related to Salesforce’s value in the manufacturing industry, David and his team have developed a comprehensive framework called “Rainmaker Strategic Deployment” (RSD).

RSD outlines the key tenets of a manufacturing business focused on growth, and aligns best practices on how Salesforce can facilitate that growth.

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Our latest whitepaper, entitled “Minimizing Slow-Moving Inventory” is available for download.

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