Salesforce Managed Services

End-to-end Salesforce platform support

Rainmaker’s Salesforce Managed Services offering is a pro-active consulting engagement intended to facilitate our client’s Salesforce innovation journey while maximizing their ROI.  

By leveraging our deep technical and vertical expertise, we can ensure that Salesforce is effectively delivering positive business outcomes while avoiding the accumulation of unnecessary technical complexity and minimizing the client’s total cost of ownership.

When Should You Consider Salesforce Managed Services? 

A few issues that Rainmaker specializes in when it comes to managed services for clients include overwhelmed Salesforce Admins, technical staff not being aligned with future goals, poor internal communication regarding who’s responsible for what in the platform, lack of functionality adoption, and unexpected “breakage.”  

Issue Description Typical Outcomes
Another Thing on the Plate The role of administering SFDC falls on someone with many other duties, making it difficult to establish a structured approach.
  • Lack of business support and training for users
  • Fits and starts wrt enhancing/evolving the system
  • Lack of adoption of new release functions
Too Many Cooks Admin/technical staff work independently without regard for cumulative impacts.
  • Technical debt
  • Poor communication of who’s doing what
  • Fields, workflows, etc. add administrative clutter
Lack of Adoption New functionality is poorly communicated, trained, or enabled.
  • Users are unaware of valuable changes being made
  • Poor user/worker experience
Accumulation of Technical Debt Admin/technical staff develop solutions that don’t scale or drive intended outcomes.
  • Otherwise simple changes become complex
  • Inability to leverage new Salesforce features
  • Need to refactor code, configs, etc.
Insufficient Testing & Change Control Unexpected “breakage” when changes are made to the environment.
  • Poor worker/user experience
  • Firedrills

You can see more examples of Salesforce Customer Success Stories and the value of Salesforce Managed Services with Rainmaker below.

Guided Support Offering 

The Guided Support offering is a Salesforce Managed Service arrangement that is intended to deliver strategic and tactical services to our clients.  Guided Support customers are entitled to x hours of support services per month, which includes:

  • Salesforce best practice governance – release planning, sprint planning 
  • Business analysis support – consulting, story grooming
  • Deployment support – config/development, testing support, deployment
Program Description
  • Fractional team of staff: Managed Services Consultant & Offshore Developer, with access to additional resources if necessary
  • Typically for existing SFDC customers who need overflow assistance and/or have a backlog of initiatives
  • 4-8 years platform experience
  • Multiple SFDC Certifications
  • Named Resources
Contract Term
  • 6 months increments
  • Billed monthly
Why This Offering
  • Provide admin, developer, and data support to help organizations gain more leverage from their investment in SFDC and related technologies
  • Flexibility…may or may not be tied to specific scope.  As business processes or priorities change, new stories and initiatives can be re-prioritized
  • Backlog Management or small projects
Support Rate

Common Services 

These services will be performed as part of a client’s Guided Support arrangement.  We expect to burn the allocated hours, but in the absence of direction from the client, we will execute some common services in order to provide value for the contracted hours.

Salesforce Administration

  • User Management
  • Break-fix support
  • Level 2 User Support
  • Training and How-to support

Proactive Services

  • Salesforce Release summaries
  • Ongoing training sessions
  • Security & User Audits
  • Data Hygiene
  • Project Identification and Definition

Backlog Management

  • Backlog definition & Grooming
  • Release Management
  • Salesforce AppExchange app fit assessment and installation

Flex Capacity

  • Streamline process for engaging specialized resources

Project Communication

Weekly Budget Burn Report

  • Sent by Managed Services Administrator or PM/EM
  • Hours logged vs planned hours (per contract)

Weekly Meetings

  • Clarification/Remove blockers on stories/tasks

Monthly Sprint Planning

  • Define stories, acceptance criteria, tasks
  • Prioritize backlog

Go-Live/Release Demo

  • Final review of functionality to be deployed
  • Release notes, as necessary

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