Call workload was reduced to acceptable levels and data collection was improved

LaserShip is the final link between B2B and eCommerce supply chains, providing businesses and consumers with timely, accurate and professional delivery services. Founded in 1986, the company is a leading provider of distribution services for premier eCommerce and product supply businesses that desire reduced transit time and greater flexibility within their supply chains.


Reduce call center workload to decrease response time

  • Customer management faced a high volume of voice calls exceeding the capacity of support staff

  • The problem was exacerbated during holidays and other surge shipping times

  • Long holds and frequent call forwarding led to increased customer dissatisfaction


Rainmaker used Salesforce platform features to automatically field common queries

  • Watson Chatbot was used to handle or escalate issues appropriately

  • OmniChannel Routing was used to select optimal agents based on availability and workload

  • OmniChannel & Classic Supervisor Channels enabled live monitoring and adjustment of tasks assigned to agents

  • Chat Monitoring Features allowed support conversations to be viewed in real time by management


Call workload was reduced to acceptable levels and data collection was improved

  • Use of support staff time at LaserShip is now more efficient

  • High priority cases are escalated to voice calls where they can be given more attention

  • Multiple chat support sessions can now be handled simultaneously

  • Using quantitative metrics in conjunction with Watson AI, LaserShip has developed a progressively more intelligent chatbot to support customers


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